My work attempts to invent a personal mythology through the reclamation of objects and actions from my past, which I transform through infusing them with new meaning.  My childhood was dually devoted to sustenance farming and the strict observance of the Catholic faith.  Essentially both operated as religion, each with its own set of revered icons, prescribed behaviors, and ritual practices. 

Avoiding and embracing nihilism happens concurrently with my emergence from what I begin to envision as a fanatical and oppressive framework.  Drawing upon my background in biology and chemistry, I carefully examine the artifacts and processes, a material exploration that generates unexpected relationships and novel encounters.  Resolved sculptural objects reference the reduced, elemental quality of materials, most often found objects held in purposeful suspension by a traditional sculptural material such as plaster, concrete, wood, or wax.  Both material and meaning are thus transformed and enfolded into a growing repertoire.          

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